Yellowstone National Park – Island Park, ID

Its a crazy time when you wake up in the morning in Idaho, head to enter a Park in Montana and then park your car within the park in Wyoming. Then reverse that home. State hoping at it’s best. Other than the crazy commute, the greatest thing about Yellowstone was the animal encounters. We were chased by cattle, hunted by coyote, delayed by both a grizzly bear and a mule deer, and repulsed by defecating bison. It was quite an adventure that I will never forget.

The thermal activity witnessed is also something to behold. It’s unique and frightening, but so intriguing. The crystal clear mineral pools are extremely enticing, but don’t even think about putting your finger in. With the heat and the deadly mineral composition, nothing would last long in there. People have apparently tried, but that’s a whole other blog post.

In this 2.2 million acres of land there are so many fascinating views: the geysers that blew, the vents that steamed, and the mud pots that boiled. Everything here had an odor and sometimes it felt like a whole different planet with the grounds steaming and bubbling and stinking. A person could spend many lifetimes exploring this wild and amazing place.

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