Ft. Collins Lakeside KOA – Ft. Collins, CO

We were lucky enough to stay at this Holiday KOA for three weeks. However, it was mishmashed together between four reservations. Apparently this resort is quite popular and as people cancelled, I was lucky enough to take the reservations. Unfortunately this did result in a move after the first week, but the last two weeks were stationary. On top of the crazy site move, the boys and I also traveled back east to attend the Grandparent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary! This allowed Jason and the pup 5 noise free days, but also the wonderful experience of moving the rig all by their lonesome. Poor Jason, but he handled it like a champ and we did as much prep work as we could.

The KOA resort was just that. It has a swimming pool and splash pad. A fitness trail that surrounds the lake where you can fish and paddle boat. There is a humongous playground, jump pads, basketball courts, tennis and ping pong and arts and crafts. They even had breakfast and dinners some days at their personal food truck. It was amazing and sometimes hard to leave such a relaxing location.

We did venture out some days, however. We attended some local library events learning about marine biology. At the park we got to dissect squid with tweezers and scissors and in the library the youngest made narwhals out of milk cartons. It was exhilarating to be able to find and attend these local events.

We also went out to Boulder, CO to ride around at a bike park. I have never seen a park like this. It was full of different trails and tracks that offer different paths, depending your skill/comfort level, to complete a trail/track. You could try out rocks, pavers, ramps and jumps. There were pump tracks that you could ride around without even using pedals. We played all evening with some old friends who were quite familiar with the park and wore ourselves out. Only one of us came back with a busted knee, but it was totally worth it.

Our adventure into Denver was to a Cherry Blossom Festival where we got balloon yo-yos and got to look at Japanese purses and jewelry. From the festival, we hung out more with old friends and spent the evening reminiscing. You just can’t beat a relaxing evening with friends.

One of the last things we did in Ft Collins before heading off to Wyoming and Utah, was to head out to The Farm at Lee Martinez Park. This farm is run by the community and you can pet sheep, goats, ponies, cows, the largest pigs I’ve ever seen and turkeys and chickens if you can lure them close enough to the fence. We ran through a silo that housed several farm tools from back in the day and a barn that was all set up for a barn dance.

There are so many things we did not get to experience in Fort Collins, CO. Such as bike trails, hikes, and paddleboarding. But our time was up and we needed to move on. There is a very good change we will be back in Colorado. we have so much more to explore and to experience.

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