Hi Valley RV Resort – Boise, ID

This was a cute little RV Park, were we were able to unwind from our travels, adventuring and have a restful week. We spent most evenings in the pool and met some great friends who played with us every evening. When driving into Boise, we were a little nervous because trees are so important to our family and we haven’t seen massive amounts in quite some time. The highway bringing us in didn’t show much promise of trees until we hit the city. Then we saw the city was covered. The town is cute and comfortable and a great place. Everything we needed was close by, the temperatures were comfortable and it even rained slightly one evening. If comfort and ease of life is what you are looking for? Look no further, Boise Idaho has got it.

They even have the most complete Trex skeleton in the world and named her Sue! We went to visit Sue and even got to smell her breathe… YUCK! (She was a carnivore… blegh) Luckily they also had other things to play with at the museum as well.

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