Twin Falls, ID

Twin Falls Idaho. It’s a vacation town. A place to go when you just want to forget it all and immerse yourself in some beautiful surroundings. We never knew it existed, but we will never forget it.

We drove into the campground for the night, only to discover that it had been booked for the prior night and now someone was in the spot. Well, after driving down some VERY steep inclines, unhitching our toad, turning around in a very small parking lot and being assisted by almost everyone in the park… PEOPLE IN IDAHO ARE SO FRIENDLY!!!!! We finally gave up and booked a reservation at a hotel. That was fine, because just outside the door we entered a walking path that took us along the top of this canyon. Below was Snake River that carved out the most amazing oasis. Waterfalls sprung out from everywhere and tumbled down to the waters where the river was filled with kayakers and tubers. You couldn’t even see the canyon from the highway until you were upon it. Magical.

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