We are a family of four, plus a 90 lbs dog, who decided one day that it was time to pull the trigger and follow through with a dream we’ve had been striving to achieve for five years.

During a roadtrip to attend a 70th birthday party, the talk of our traveling life reemerged. Discussions went on for hours working through the whats and hows and whens. By the time we arrived at the birthday party destination we had decided on fulltiming it in an RV while traveling the states looking for the place we would settle down for good. Our forever home could be anywhere and there are so many places we have not been with our family, so why not just try them all out.

Three weeks after we returned home from our inspirational roadtrip, we purchased a Class A Motorhome and started the long arduous process of emptying our lives of 90% of our belongings, selling our house, rehoming our loved ones that couldn’t come with us and purchasing the things we would need to embark on this adventure.