Glacier National Park – West Glacier, MT

I can honestly say that this is my most favorite National Park of all time. The views that you can get here are awe inspiring. From the blue glacier ponds and streams to the smooth rocks within the rivers outside of the park, the weeping wall and cedar forest, to the fog at the peak and the meadows and flowers. We were only here for a week, but there is so much that we didn’t get to do.

We were able to get to Logan’s Pass and walk along the continental divide at 8,300ft. We hiked through a forest, a little bit, and down the mountain, via the road since our car broke down. So hiking is something we will have to do again. The trail we had hoped to hike was closed due to bear activity, but we got to experience walking through a cloud. It wasn’t a bad trade off, but we are definitely going again. We got to see a bear cub! Hopefully next trip we can have many more animal encounters. I’ve been told that mountain goats and big horned sheep are all along the meadows of the trail that was closed. We will be back.

One experience we will have to do is watching the sunrise through the peaks. We saw many people camped out on the side of the road, drinking coffee, bundled up. Looks delightful and I can’t wait to try that experience out.

Driving through and around Glacier made us fall in love with Montana. We love the trees and rocks the most, but there was something else there you just can’t put your finger on. It draws you in. Honestly, there is only one thing that is preventing us from up and moving there today. Winter. If it was a shorter and not so brutal winter, we’d live there in a heartbeat.

Guess this just means that we’ll be back. Again and again.

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