Lakeside RV Campground – Provo, UT

We had originally decided to stay in Utah to keep a promise to the boys that got botched in 2020. We had planned to spend our first actual vacation as a family skiing at the end of Utah’s ski season and then take a car out to the Slat Flats and let them drive around. Well, 2020 altered many people’s plans, so we made up for it here. We only scheduled one week in the Salt Lake City area since it was too late to ski and we were down to one item on our todo list. Little did we know, that Utah has so much going on, a week was surely not enough time to even get a small portion of things done on our ever growing list.

The moment we drove into the state we knew we liked Utah. There are high beautiful mountains with rock climbers, hikers, bikers, kayakers, parasailors, backpackers. Within 30 min of being in the state, we saw all sorts of outdoor activities being performed. I’m not sure why we never realized how much there was to do in Utah during any season of the year, but it is extensive.

We did succeed at our original goal, however. We hopped in the car and drove an hour out to the Salt Flats. The drive out was pretty monotonous once you pass the city. Long straight highway with flat on either side. Occasionally there would be either water or mirages, it was really hard to tell. When we arrived at the flats we hopped off right at a rest area, along with a dozen other cars. There is not much to look at, except white nothingness all the way to some mountains way off in the distance. Once we scoped things out, we drove out to the nothingness. The ground was hard and crusty and dry. Totally strange experience.

The Slat Flats are not as flat as you would think. They have ripples in them. And because the salt is so hard, it make the ripples like hard little speed bumps all along the ground. Luckily, we were able to find a track that had been flattened and that made driving much easier. When we first arrived, we saw pockets of people here and there throughout the flats. As we exited our car to get a feel for the land, we watched a large SUV drive from the parking lot, right onto the flats and out to space between pockets of people. Then, without warning, the SUV took off and was gone. It went so far and so fast that you couldn’t see it. It was wild to witness.

Thanks to a friend of ours we were informed of a rec center that was less than 10 min from our house. A day pass was very reasonably priced and we got to partake in four different swimming pools with so many activities, the kids were occupied for a good 5 hours before they decided they were too hungry to continue. We had two major outdoor water slides, a huge wave pool that was controlled by the biggest bouncy ball we’ve ever seen, and a water playground. When the kids had enough, we went to the inside pools and participated in the Ninja Warrior Style Obstacle Course which was lowered over the competition swim lanes. The boys found out that it was not nearly as easy as it looks, but it was so much fun they each ran it a dozen times. Finally, we made it to the second indoor pool which had smaller slides and a smaller playground, but also had a rock climbing wall that was right above 12 feet of water, next to a cliff jumping platform. If that isn’t your fancy, you can always just float around in the lazy river. Best Rec Center Ever.

Last but not least, the location of our RV park was pretty wild. We were staying right across from the Provo airport, which only catered to small private planes and one commercial airline that flew to LA and Vegas. Not much going on there, but we did find a trail to bike that went the whole way around the airstrip and we were able to watch multiple small planes land and take off. Wasn’t exciting for all, but most of us enjoyed the serenity and open skies. We even got to walk over to a State Park that had pods/briefs/pouches/squadrons of pelicans. Watching them huddle and swim together was fascinating.

Utah was never on our list of places to return to, but we will definitely be back at this location. For good? perhaps, but that’s for another post.

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